Trade zines with Nathan Pearce of Same Coin Press


Where excited to see the work of photographer and zinester Nathan Pearce of Same Coin Press at this year’s STL-SPEx.

Tell us a little about yourselves; what makes you tick, and what makes your publications tick?

I love seeing my photographs in print and also love sharing the work of other photographers and artists. 

What drew you to creating, publishing, editing and presenting your projects?

I’m a photographer and these days a lot of photographers make work that only lives online. I wanted to take some of my work off the internet and put it onto paper. 

What do you think of the relationship between publishing (what you do) and reaching an audience of readers?

Making zines and photobooks has brought my work to audiences who would have never seen it. I’m blown away at how many times I have shipped zines out of the country.

What advice would you give to someone starting a small press or publishing project?

Do it. 

How long have you been at it (by “it” I mean publishing)?

About three years now. I have loved zines for a long time but had never made one. 

Other than your own projects, what are some other presses and publications that inspire you to keep reading and supporting the small press community?

I work a lot with some other zine makers. Specifically Rachael Banks, Jake Reinhart, Claire Cushing and Matthew David Crowther. 

Anything else you want to say?

Everyone reading this should trade me a zine. 

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