Work Press & Publication: Co-Venturing

Work Press & Publication is an independent print and publishing house founded in 2013 by Will Arnold and Tate Foley.

STL SPEX (Joceline): What are your literary influences?

Work Press & Publication is made up of myself (Will Arnold) and Tate Foley.

Our literary and artistic influences vary and often appear in different ways in different projects. From C.S. Lewis to Carl Sagan, Douglas Coupland, David Salle, Kant, Plato, golden age comics, 1980’s toys and video games, and old library books that have never been checked out. 

STL SPEX: Who is your ideal reader?

We think of a lot of our work as research presented aesthetically. Our ideal reader or viewer would be someone interested in viewing intriguing bits of research and concepts in a well-crafted package. 

STL SPEX: What about Risograph drew you in?

The Risograph is a great tool for experimentation. The time between initial conception and final creation of a handmade product is short and the materials are very cost effective and eco-friendly. It allows us to try new ideas and produce multiples very quickly and efficiently. As with any process-based workflow, the end result is a collaboration between the artist and the process that can sometimes lead you in interesting and unexpected directions.

STL SPEX: How do you manage running a press long-distance?

I think we are co-venturers working under the same moniker, but with enough room to float and function within the construct that we’ve built. We publish our own work and take on other artist’s work when we are able. We frequently consult with one another and seek and offer artistic advice and critique, but our work is largely created independently.

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