mancameron: personas, peculiar lighting & printmaking

mancameron’s work varies from autobiographical (Twenty Two & Alone, collection of autobio comics/poetry, self pubbed Mar 2018) to adult fantasy (Bad Magik, erotic fantasy, published on Slipshine 2018-current). He also has a variety of smaller projects, including scary stories, mini-zines, art zines, patches and enamel pins.

STL SPEX (Rachel): What are your artistic influences?

I like to break this question up into two sections: Artists and Other Things. In the latter, I take a lot of influence from textural things- a pencil mark, wood grain, a barely inked screenprint pass. Ghost stories, peculiar lighting, and hidden away spaces also come up a lot in my work. Artists inspire me daily, and I wouldn’t be anywhere I am currently without my contemporaries and my close art friends (Olivia Stephens and Ryan Maniulit, love y’all)! To name a few super big influences: Sam Bosma, Anke Gladnik, Richie Pope, Lee Lai, & Molly Mendoza.

STL SPEX: Who do you create for?

I’ve found that when I create for myself, I get a lot more responses. There’s something that happens when I dig inward that connects to a lot of people. But, to be more specific, I’m creating work for myself as a preteen- I’m just about to get hit hard by puberty, fears of being queer, losses of friendship- and I want to make work that Preteen Me could pick up and think, “Ok. I’m gonna be okay. I’m okay as I am, and as whoever I turn out to be.”

STL SPEX: What are your favorite tools and how do you use them to create your art?

Lately, I’ve been working to recreate my favorite tools and textures in a digital format. Scratchy pencils, rough edged brushes, the way watercolor paper takes something flat and gives it a personality. I also adore screenprinting and gouache paints, and need to get back in the habit of both.

STL SPEX: Your work encompasses many styles and genres – what do you find fun and/or challenging about producing a diverse range of illustrations and designs? Do you have a favorite style or format – which one and why?

I honestly couldn’t imagine myself working exclusively in any one style- it’s way too fun to throw everything out the window and start a whole new process. I do admit that the work I make for printmaking is my favorite (the manual nature of it definitely speaks to some part of my soul), but I know my absolute best comes from when all of my disparate styles collide.

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